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—the artwork of Sarahbeth Barlas— 
  These (18) SSS's Flashy Stable Halters were produced in Summer 2017 for the ArtWalk of Downtown Ames (thank you Everts Flowers for hosting me!). There are still a few pieces available -see MH$P for their ads! This is the first time I divided my work into two basic categories: Deluxe (stitching and etched lead clip) and Standard (plain and lobster lead clasp) SSS's Flashy Stable Halters -and I am planning to stick with this division for future sales. While working on these, I had a wonderful time creating beautiful color combinations that kept inspiring me to make more. I am incredibly proud of them :)
This collection represents my most updated 2017 pattern that strives for a versatile fit and exceptional realism while maintaining realistic usability. This is the first pattern where nothing looks off to me outside of the perfection that comes with creating a piece on size-commission for a particular mold. Enjoy!
Pieces are shown on a number of models including Breyer Animal Creations®' Zippo Pine Bar, Big Ben, GG Valentine and Heartbreaker, Padre, and Footloose and a lovely Saskia resin painted by Kathy McKenzie.

I want you to see the quality in my work.
Each picture is a thumbnail that will open into a huge, full-screen shot.

---The Deluxe SSS's Flashy Stable Halters---

Available for sale:

Owned by Meghan N.:

This photo shows my 2012 pattern in violet beside the 2017 pattern in black.

Owned by Diane F.:

---The Standard SSS's Flashy Stable Halters:---

Available for sale:

Owned by Christina H.:

Owned by Kota:

ArtWalk 2016:
I only brought pieces from my personal collection for ArtWalk 2016, which I joined-in at the last possible moment, but these photos were too fun not to share!



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