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—the artwork of Sarahbeth Barlas— 
  It was a creative thrill to join in on National Model Tack Month (NMTM) hosted on www.Facebook.com by Hanna Bear and Anna Helt! For the April event, I took the month to create an updated pattern of my SSS's Flashy Stable Halter around my veterinary school exams -something I would never have considered attempting before. Features include orange with brown on gold hardware, a grey and orange cotton lead with etched clip, and a teeny tiny bit of grey nose padding.
Shown below on the Breyer Animal Creations®' Zippo Pine Bar model, this piece is a much loved member of my personal collection and represents my current pattern.

I want you to see the quality in my work.
Each picture is a thumbnail that will open into a huge, full-screen shot.
The first image will take you to Anna Helt's blog post about the "Winners" of NMTM :)



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