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—the artwork of Sarahbeth Barlas— 
  Below are four commissioned SSS's Flashy Stable Halters made for Diane F. through 2015: three of which were commissioned for draft models -two of which are really, really big! Diane was very patient with me while I worked around numerous exams, so I included two lunge lines and two lunge whips (my first and thus far only to leave the studio) with her purchase. Thank you again, Diane!
The pieces are shown here on the Breyer Animal Creations®' Zippo Pine Bar and Giselle -the pregnant shire mold is unknown.

-First was a red and brown on silver hardware with cheetah-print nose pad and matching cotton lead featuring a lobster clasp. This piece included a brown and black lunge set.
-Second was the only non-draft, in navy and sky blue on gold hardware featuring a matching nose pad and cotton lead with etched clasp. This piece included a sky blue and yellow lunge set.
-Third and Fourth were the big guys, featuring red with yellow and navy with grey both on silver hardware with their cheetah-print nose pads and matching cotton leads featuring lobster clasps.

I want you to see the quality in my work.
Each picture is a thumbnail that will open into a huge, full-screen shot.



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