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—the artwork of Sarahbeth Barlas— 
  In the Summer of 2012, Meghan Namaste was kind enough to trade me repair work on two models for two SSS’s Flashy Stable Halters. [Thanks again, Meghan!] These SSS’s Flashy Stable Halters feature hand embroidery around all edges and tiny x’s in all corners, 3-slot silver hardware on the lavender and gold on the violet, matching etched clips on cotton-style leads, and slide buckles bent for easy threading. A set of four veterinary wraps are included with each: white for the lavender and purple for the violet.
Both sets are displayed below on The Peter Stone Company®'s Palouse mold, Breyer Animal Creations®' Giselle mold, and Lisa Sharpe’s xTara resin, as the goal was to have the these properly fit the largest variety.

I want you to see the quality in my work.
Each picture is a thumbnail that will open into a huge, full-screen shot.



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