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Gallery of Completed Items
Thank you for your interest in my work. Please click image thumbnails for more information on each piece. General information about SSS's Flashy Stable Halters is at the bottom of this page.

|Notable Works by Year|

I maintain a record of my pieces since I started in 2009, but these pieces here represent my newest SSS's Flashy Stable Halter pattern and the highest level of work I currently offer -enjoy!

These years were spent intensely completing university coursework, working multiple employments, and preparing applications for (and then moving many miles to) veterinary school. Thus, no pieces were completed during these crazy years other than the large commission two-part set below from 2015.





History of SSS's Flashy Stable Halters:
The original SSS's Flashy Stable Halter design was launched in early 2009, which was hugely expanded upon in 2010 to include a larger range of customizing options: a design for inconvenient molds, foal halters, veterinary wraps, leather, new ribbon colors, different hardware options, and packaging with higher versatility. In 2011, the design was altered for a better fit and the first hand-embroidery prototypes were created. The design was updated further in 2012 to fit a larger range of models, and the first SSS's Flashy Stable Halter and Blanket sets were made. 2017 marks my most updated pattern -since, pieces have been all about fun color combinations and embroidery work while focusing on versatile size and realism.
Clicking the image below will take you to a page showcasing some early works:

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