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Common Questions for Summer Storms Studios
Below are common questions for SSS's. For questions regarding sales, please see Ordering.

  Will you accept trades as payment?
I am open to considering trades and may also make payments in addition to my half of the trade. To initiate a trade, please contact me by email with a thorough explanation of what you wish to trade, clear images of the item, and the item's price value as you designate. Note that I see trades as "money," and thus I require the trade to be in-hand before shipping my half of the agreement.
Will you donate a piece to [insert show/event name here]?
Thank you very much for considering me! I really love to donate to shows, and I have donated to those not recognized by NAN. Please contact me as early as possible, so we can discuss my availability.
Did the SSS's packaging and product labels change?
And your signature, it looks different!

Thanks for asking! You may have noticed slight, and a few extreme, changes in my packaging over the years. I made a batch of larger crown labels once, and I even made an entirely different horse background to use for Classy vs. Flashy tack items' packaging, which are now obsolete. Large spontaneous changes aside, I have changed my packaging descriptions as unique pieces developed, made custom numbered packaging for shows or events, plus signed and included little notes to buyers. As I have grown, my signature may have matured slightly, too. If you are concerned, I would love to help you verify an item!
What is the difference between SSS's Flashy Tack and SSS's Classy Tack?
In earlier years, I expanded SSS's Flashy Tack off of the Flashy Stable Halter line to encompass any item or set made with the colorful nylon-like ribbon. SSS's Classy Tack referred to any item or set made only in leathers. There was only one SSS's Classy Tack item that left my studio, and I condensed back down to simply the SSS's Flashy Stable Halter line, which merely included other items like blankets, in 2011.
What is your policy on...
Anything and everything you could ever need to know regarding my policies can be found in my Ordering section. If the answer you are looking for is not there, please email me at SBarlas@msn.com.
Can I show your work in….
I would be honored if you chose to show my pieces on any mold in any class through any show you would like as long as you own them or have the owners' permissions. Thank you! :)
On a related note: It is entirely your choice once you own the piece; however, I ask that you have respect for the lives of real horses by not using my artwork to represent painful, unfair, or cruel performances/situations -unless perhaps under the intent to educate. If you find the gear does not fit your horse properly, please contact me about getting it fixed: an improper fit represents an unsafe and potentially unfair real life situation ...and it just does not look nice!
How long does it take you to make a piece on commission?
Before finalizing a sale, I will offer you a relative time quote taking my books and schedule into consideration while leaving room for unforeseen complications like back-ordered items and illness. Regularly, as I will state in the message, I can complete pieces in a much faster time -but I like to plan ahead just in case :)
Will you make me a/n [insert item here]?
If you are interested in an item not mentioned within my site, I would LOVE to hear about it! Please contact me at SBarlas@msn.com, so we can talk about your ideas!
Can you repair/update my [item]?
I repair all SSS's pieces for free; simply contact me, and I will have you send the item to my studio. There I will repair it and ship it back to you. For updates/add-ons to any SSS's item, a fee designated by my current prices will be charged; please contact me with your ideas for a quote. Any SSS's piece returned to my studio must be accompanied by the original cardstock or with my label intact on the crownstrap.

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