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About the Artist
Thank you for allowing me to share my artwork with you and for returning your stories of fun and achievement with my pieces. I am honored to have seen work brighten the days of model enthusiasts -helping collectors win ribbons and inspire during play. -Sarahbeth Barlas :)

               Sarahbeth Barlas’s involvement with the model horse hobby began with a small carpet herd of felted ponies and beloved plastics –almost all of which she still owns and loves today. She learned about Breyer Animal Creations® model horses in her mid-teens, but it was not until their 2003 box insert that Sarahbeth was exposed to the hobby. From there, she was inspired to create custom models and tack.
            In 2009, Sarahbeth started www.SarahbethBarlas.com, and she began marketing SSS's Flashy Stable Halters and accessories to the public catalog style. Since, her work has been sold in a local saddlery, during art and craft fairs, at model horse live show events, and online. In December of 2010, she became the editor of Model Horse Performance magazine until it was discontinued in 2014. Sarahbeth has immensely enjoyed marketing her work, creating and maintaining her website as an online studio, and designing all of her own packaging and promotionals. Her work has helped live show entrants win blue ribbons and has offered children a realistic look at the design and use of tack. Having rode horses through childhood, Sarahbeth has been perfecting her patterns to reach the greatest level of realism while maintaining realistically-usable pieces. Since entering university, Sarahbeth has had to stop working with horses in her personal life and is incredibly thankful for a hobby that allows her to use those years of knowledge as an excuse to make art and remain close to the amazing animals that inspire her.
             Currently, Sarahbeth is working toward completing her veterinary doctorate with plans to work in small animal and aquatic pet-fish medicine with a rich foundation in animal behavior and welfare. She is an incredibly passionate person with previous employments spanning everything from working in a flower shop downtown to researching livestock stereotypes at university. In non-vetmed-employment-SSS's time, Sarahbeth loves to read, watch, and listen to fantasy and science fiction stories; experiment with cooking; create unique costumes for Halloween and fairs; visit with family; and travel either on vacations or within her own town -she has never understood how anyone could be bored with so many amazing things to learn, do, and see!

© 2009 Sarahbeth Barlas
All rights reserved. Sarahbeth Barlas’s work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published (includes blogs), transmitted or uploaded by any means without the written permission of the artist. Summer Storms Studios was designed through hours of tedious work by the artist and the pages within may not be used as a template.